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Download do God of War 1 em PT-BR para PS2: ISO completo e grátis


God of War 1 is an action-adventure game that was released on March 22, 2005 for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console. It was developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). It is the first installment in the series of the same name and the third chronologically. Loosely based on Greek mythology, it is set in ancient Greece with vengeance as its central motif. The player controls the protagonist Kratos, a Spartan warrior who serves the Olympian gods. The goddess Athena tasks Kratos with killing Ares, the god of war and Kratos' former mentor who tricked Kratos into killing his wife and daughter. As Ares besieges Athens out of hatred for Athena, Kratos embarks on a quest to find the one object capable of stopping the god once and for all: Pandora's Box.

Gameplay and features


The gameplay of God of War 1 focuses on combo-based combat, achieved through the player's main weaponthe Blades of Chaosand a secondary weapon acquired later in the game. The Blades of Chaos are a pair of chained blades that can be swung around to attack enemies at a distance or pulled in to perform close-range attacks. The secondary weapon varies depending on the situation; it can be a sword, a hammer, or a spear that can be thrown at enemies or used as a melee weapon. The player can also use up to four magical attacks that are granted by different gods; these include Zeus' Fury (lightning bolts), Poseidon's Rage (electric shockwaves), Medusa's Gaze (stone gaze), and Army of Hades (summoning souls). Additionally, the player can use a power-enhancing ability called Rage of the Gods that temporarily increases their damage output and makes them invulnerable to most attacks. The combat is varied and challenging, as the player faces a variety of enemies, from undead soldiers and harpies to minotaurs and cyclopes. Some enemies require specific tactics to defeat, such as using Medusa's Gaze to turn them into stone and shatter them, or using the Blades of Chaos to rip off their armor or limbs. The game also features several boss fights, which often involve using the environment or performing quick time events to finish off the enemy.

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Puzzles and platforming

Besides combat, the game also features puzzles and platforming elements that require the player to explore the environments, find switches, keys, or levers, and manipulate objects to progress. Some puzzles are simple and straightforward, such as pushing a crate or pulling a lever, while others are more complex and require logic and timing, such as aligning mirrors or rotating statues. The game also tests the player's reflexes and agility, as they have to jump, climb, swing, slide, or balance across gaps, ledges, ropes, or beams. Some platforming sections are timed or have hazards that can kill the player instantly, such as spikes, blades, or fire. The game also features several mini-games that involve button prompts or analog stick movements to perform certain actions, such as opening doors, breaking walls, or seducing women.

Upgrades and collectibles

The game allows the player to upgrade their weapons and magic by collecting red orbs from enemies, chests, or destructible objects. The more red orbs the player collects, the more they can increase the power and effectiveness of their attacks. The game also features other collectibles that can enhance the player's health and rage meters. These include gorgon eyes and phoenix feathers, which are hidden in chests throughout the game. Collecting six of each will increase the respective meter by one level. Another collectible is the muse key, which is found in two specific locations in the game. Collecting both keys will grant access to a secret room in Pandora's Temple, where the player can find two large chests containing a large amount of red orbs.

Graphics and sound


The game's graphics are impressive for its time and platform, as it showcases a high level of detail, realism, and creativity in its character models, environments, and special effects. The game uses a dynamic camera system that follows the player's movements and adjusts to different angles and distances depending on the situation. The camera also zooms in or out during certain scenes or actions to create a cinematic feel. The game's environments are diverse and immersive, ranging from ancient cities and temples to deserts and underworlds. The game also features dynamic lighting and shadows that create a sense of depth and atmosphere. The game's special effects are stunning and spectacular, especially during combat and boss fights. The game uses a lot of particle effects to create sparks, blood splatters, fireballs, explosions, and other visual cues that enhance the impact of the attacks. The game also uses motion blur and slow motion to create a sense of speed and intensity. The game also uses realistic physics and ragdoll effects to create believable and satisfying animations and reactions of the characters and objects.


The game's sound is equally impressive and immersive, as it features a powerful and diverse orchestral soundtrack, realistic and crisp sound effects, and professional and expressive voice acting. The game's soundtrack was composed by various artists, such as Gerard Marino, Ron Fish, Winifred Phillips, Mike Reagan, and Cris Velasco. The soundtrack consists of different themes and motifs that match the mood and tone of the game, such as epic, dramatic, suspenseful, or emotional. The soundtrack also features various instruments and styles that reflect the game's setting and culture, such as strings, horns, drums, choirs, or ethnic sounds. The game's sound effects are realistic and clear, as they create a sense of immersion and feedback for the player. The sound effects include the sounds of weapons, magic, enemies, environments, or actions, such as slashing, clashing, roaring, crumbling, or grunting. The game's voice acting is professional and expressive, as it features a cast of talented actors who bring the characters to life. The voice actors include Terrence C. Carson as Kratos, Carole Ruggier as Athena, Steven Blum as Ares, Paul Eiding as Zeus, Linda Hunt as the narrator, and others.

Storyline and characters

Plot summary

The game's storyline is a tragic and epic tale of vengeance, betrayal, and redemption that spans from Kratos' suicide attempt to his final confrontation with Ares. The game begins with Kratos standing on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea, ready to end his life by throwing himself into the water. He is haunted by nightmares of his past deeds and tormented by the gods who refuse to forgive him. He then recalls the events that led him to this point. The game then flashes back to three weeks earlier, when Kratos was sailing with his army to Athens to aid the city against Ares' attack. Along the way, he encounters a giant hydra that destroys his fleet and forces him to fight it on a sinking ship. After killing the hydra, he meets Athena, who tells him that he can earn his forgiveness from the gods if he kills Ares. She also tells him that he must find Pandora's Box, a mythical artifact that contains the power to kill a god. She then directs him to the Oracle of Athens, who can tell him where to find the box.

Kratos then makes his way to Athens, fighting through hordes of enemies and obstacles along the way. He eventually reaches the Oracle's temple, where he saves her from being killed by a giant harpy. The Oracle tells him that Pandora's Box is hidden in Pandora's Temple on the back of Cronos, the titan who was condemned by Zeus to wander the desert for eternity. She also warns him that many have tried to enter the temple before but none have returned alive. She then gives him a key that can open the temple's gate. Kratos then leaves Athens and heads to the desert of lost souls, where he finds Cronos crawling in the sand. He uses a grappling hook to climb onto his back and enters Pandora's Temple.

Inside the temple, Kratos faces many traps, puzzles, enemies, and bosses that test his skills and courage. He also encounters various characters and creatures from Greek mythology, such as the architect Pathos Verdes III, who designed the temple and went mad in the process; the siren sisters, who lure him with their voices and try to kill him; the minotaur king, who guards the entrance to the inner temple; and the giant statue of Ares, who tries to stop him from reaching the box. Along the way, he also learns more about his past and his connection to Ares, as he finds various murals and visions that depict his life as a Spartan general, his servitude to Ares, his family's death, and his curse of the ashes. He also finds a hidden chamber that contains two blades identical to his own, implying that he was not the first to wield them.

After solving the final puzzle and opening the door to Pandora's Box, Kratos is confronted by Ares himself, who appears in the sky and hurls a giant pillar at him. The pillar impales Kratos and pins him to the wall, killing him. Ares then takes Pandora's Box and flies away, leaving Kratos' body behind. However, Kratos' soul refuses to go to the underworld and instead climbs out of the pillar and follows a glowing grapple point that leads him to a portal. The portal takes him to Hades, where he fights his way through the realm of the dead and eventually reaches a platform where he sees three judges who decide the fate of the souls. He also sees a rotating pillar with chains that hold various weapons and items. He recognizes one of them as his own blade, which he uses to free himself from Hades and return to the mortal world.

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